Viori Shampoo Review

Viori Shampoo Review

I’ve been using the rice shampoo bar from Viori Beauty. Let’s just say I’ve got a lot of stuff to unpack! My initial impressions were fantastic, but you might be startled by my candid review. So, months later, here’s an update on my hair and scalp.

Changes I’ve made to my haircare routine. Everything about what has changed with Viori that you, the consumer, are unaware of, and everything about my second rice shampoo bars.

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Because Viori is not a normal sort of shampoo, many people were surprised when the firm introduced shampoo bars rather than liquid shampoos.

Viori works with the Red Yao on projects that they believe would improve their tribe’s economic development, ecological harmony, cultural preservation, and community well-being.

So, out of pure curiosity, I researched the matter further online to learn more about Viori shampoo bars.

I believe that this shampoo is much more than what people are aware of, so it is time to do a complete evaluation of Viori.

What Is Viori Shampoo bar?

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Shampoo bars were not commonly accessible a few years ago, but as public awareness has grown, they have re-emerged.

Because of the components and user-friendliness of Viori’s shampoo bar, everyone was taken aback.

This shampoo bar, according to the manufacturer, is good for all hair types.

You can use it safely if you have straight, 4C, wavy, or colored hair. This soap bar’s ingredients are all-natural and devoid of phthalates, parabens, and sulfates.

I like how Viori supports vegan products, and this shampoo bar is both vegan and eco-friendly.

The Viori soap bar is a green product that will give your hair more body and vigor. Despite the absence of sulfates, it not only shines your hair but also thoroughly cleans it from root to tip

Because the entire aroma of this shampoo bar is made from essential oils, it lacks an overpowering artificial scent, which we appreciated.

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If you have a reaction to any essential oils, read the composition of this soap bar to be safe. So far, the brand has received a lot of positive comments, and our first impressions are also very positive.

Additionally, the brand lists all of the ingredients on its website, so be sure to review them before making a purchase to avoid an allergic response.

Shampoo Hair Bar Hidden Waterfall

You’re in for a treat if you like musky, sweet, vanilla perfume. This shampoo bar, according to the maker, is “reminiscent of the amber aroma found along the paths of the wood to hidden Longsheng waterfalls.”

According to the makers, this shampoo bar will also moisturize, strengthen, add volume, boost natural shine, mend, and clean the hair and scalp. Customers reported that it improved the sheen of their hair, cleansed it thoroughly, and nourished it.

However, a small percentage of them indicated that the strength of their strands had not changed and that some buildup had occurred.

Is Viori Shampoo Bar Longer-Lasting?

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Yes, the Viori shampoo bar lasts longer than most people realize, and it’s not just because of its high quality—almost all shampoo bars are designed to last you for months. If you want to adjust a few things about your spending plan, it is a cost-effective choice.

The lifespan of this shampoo bar is between 30 and 60 washes. This implies that even if you wash your hair every other day, this bar will be your best buddy for at least three to four months.

This is fantastic because the shampoos we purchase at the store for hundreds of dollars rarely last that long.

Because the company doesn’t utilize plastic, its products are sustainable. And as we all know, vegan and cruelty-free goods are expensive.

Despite being a sustainable choice, it is extremely reasonable. Therefore, for us, switching from sulfate-containing shampoos to this one is a fantastic choice.

Is Viori Shampoo Effective for Grey Hair?

There are online Viori shampoo reviews from people who say the product has made a significant difference in their grey hair.

Therefore, those considering purchasing this shampoo want to know if it has any effect on gray hair or not.

I, therefore, don’t see a reason why Viori shampoo, which contains some really nice components and works for a lot of individuals, will help with grey hair.

If this shampoo works for you, keep using it; however, if you are purchasing it solely to treat your grey hair, it is not worthwhile.

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Ingredients In Viori Shampoo

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The Viori shampoo bar has thousands of favorable reviews online and appears to be very promising thus far.

But what exactly about this bar makes it a firm favorite among customers?

1. Rice Longsheng

Since rice water contains protein, which strengthens and nourishes hair, women have been using it for years.

For optimal benefits, Viori used the same technique to create a shampoo that uses Longsheng rice.

Your hair gets a lot of strength and length from this specific component. The foundation and main selling feature of this shampoo bar is also this component.

This is mostly because everyone now is aware of how beneficial rice water and bran are for hair. Therefore, Viori cleverly included this component in their shampoo bar.

2. Cocoa Butter

Another popular component that is mostly utilized to soften hair is cocoa butter.

Cocoa butter is utilized in this shampoo bar as a hydrator that traps moisture and keeps the hair hydrated for longer.

It is a very useful component that is frequently included in liquid shampoos. However, it is a positive development as cocoa butter is not commonly found in bar shampoos.

The benefits of this ingredient’s conditioning and softening are unparalleled and give your hair a new lease on life.

3. Protein in Rice

This bar now has a potent amount of protein for your hair thanks to the addition of rice protein.

But be cautious to know the porosity of your hair before using this much protein. This is mostly because hair might occasionally become dry due to the high protein concentration.

Therefore, the porosity of your hair will have a major impact on whether a protein will work for you or not.

Does Viori Shampoo Work Well On Curly Hair?

No, the Viori shampoo bar works great on all hair types and won’t damage curly hair.

If you have excessively greasy hair, you might find that this bar doesn’t cleanse it as well as it should, but using it twice and working up a good lather can take care of the problem.

You might need to use it for a very long period to remove the buildup on your hair because it does not include sulfate.

Overall though, we thought this shampoo was great and had all the attributes we look for in a premium liquid shampoo.

Our primary issue with this shampoo was its overpowering aroma. This is due to the large variety of fragrance compounds, which while not as damaging as synthetic scent, may nevertheless produce allergic reactions in certain people.

I can’t think of any reason why anyone would choose this shampoo bar over another, besides the strong aroma, as it is excellent.

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Additionally, it performs significantly better than shampoos now on the market, and most importantly, customers genuinely adore it.

How to use Viori Shampoo Bar

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First, let your hair soak.

The first step is to thoroughly wet your hair with warm water. When it’s time to add the shampoo, it will make it easier for you to create a nice lather. So far, it’s been very easy, right?

Take out your bar 

Bring out your shampoo bar right now. To moisten it, briefly rub your hand’s palm over the item. It will begin to lather as you watch.

Apply It To Your Hair 

Then, carefully run the bar through your hair. For optimal results, move in small, circular motions.

Refresh Your Hair 

Rinse not! You just need to give your hair a little moment of wetting.

Comb Your Hair

Who doesn’t enjoy getting their scalp massaged? Massage the shampoo into your scalp and hair for a few minutes. Really include it.


You may now rinse. To completely rinse your hair, use warm to hot water. And now would be a wonderful time to pause and allow your senses to be pampered by the amazing aroma of your all-natural Viori bar.

Put your bar away

You’ll want to store our shampoo properly because it does come in bar form. Pick a location that isn’t right next to a body of water. You won’t waste any of your bars that way.

In Conclusion: Is Viori Shampoo Worth the Money?

Last but not least, despite the fact that shampoo bars aren’t typically as effective as shampoo, the Viori shampoo bar lives up to the hype. It has so many positive customer reviews and is free from all types of toxins.

If you’re thinking about trying Viori, go for it! It’s never a terrible idea to experiment. That being said, you can’t just buy the rice shampoo bar and expect everything to be fine. No matter how long you use the rice shampoo bar, it has a drying effect. These items were designed so that you may purchase both the rice shampoo bar and the rice conditioner bar at the same time. And if you don’t have anything to compare it to, they both operate fine.

On the internet, there aren’t many bad reviews, and everyone who visits this bar seems to like it.
I thus hope that this review of Viori shampoo was beneficial to you and that you have now officially added it to your list.

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