Paul Mitchell Tea Tree Hair And Scalp Treatment Review

Paul Mitchell Tea Tree Hair And Scalp Treatment Review

You might have heard of how popular the Paul Mitchell brand and how many customers are very happy about their hair care products. But today, we will be focusing on the Paul Mitchell Tea Tree Hair and Scalp Treatment product.

We want to help you learn more about this item if you’re planning to use it for yourself. So, we are giving you an intensive review about this very popular hair care product to help you with your next purchase!

What is the Paul Mitchell Tea Tree Hair and Scalp Treatment?

tea tree treatment

The Paul Mitchell Tea Tree Hair & Scalp Treatment is a liquid cream that can be applied to the scalp and hair as a conditioner and pre-shampoo treatment.

It is particularly helpful for people with dry hair and problems of the scalp such dandruff, seborrheic dermatitis, itchiness, flaking, and dryness.

By conditioning and hydrating the scalp and hair, this product aids in rejuvenating and nourishing them. It includes a lot of organic components as well as others that have hair and scalp-friendly properties.

What is the Paul Mitchell brand known for?

One of the most well-known hair care product brands, Paul Mitchell, has been in existence for 40 years.

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They have salons in more than 100,000 locations throughout 81 nations worldwide. Most consumers look for reliable brands to purchase their goods from. Paul Mitchell is certainly one of them!

This brand is known for using the best and highest quality ingredients in their products and gives people a 100% guarantee when any of their products are purchased from the official John Paul Mitchell website, salon or one of their schools.

They also claim that almost if not all of their products are vegan, paraben free, sulfate free, and everything healthy that most people look for in a beauty product.

Real Customer Reviews for the Paul Mitchell Tea Tree and Hair Scalp Treatment

“I have had a VERY itchy scalp for about the last 6 months or so, so I bought the shampoo as I had tried it before and it's really good for "de-gunking" the hair but it didn't help at all on the itching. So I tried this treatment instead and it helped SO much. Even after one use my scalp is significantly less itchy and my hair is very soft. The shampoo can tend to dry your hair out a bit but the treatment is very moisturizing, so that's nice too. -LKNilsson
“I go to a paul mitchell cosmetology school and we use this on clients all of the time. It's a conditioner like product that is supposed to be applied to the scalp in small sections on dry hair before washing. It tingles like crazy but soothes the scalp and gets rid of flakes and scaling. I use it on myself at home to control my scalp flakes and itching. -flowerpan10
“I have seborrheic dermatitis and struggle to find products that work to not only combat the giant flakes on my scalp, but to relieve the persistent itching. As a conditioner it's not my favorite, but as a scalp treatment it's fantastic. This contains a very fine grit that aids in sloughing and exfoliating a scaly scalp, and has a very cooling effect that completely eliminates itchiness. The cool feeling remained in my scalp several hours after rinsing which I appreciated. My only complaint is that the grit it contains is so fine that it can be difficult to remove all traces of it while rinsing. But the relief I feel after using this is worth it. -Maya S.”

Pros of Using the Paul Mitchell Tea Tree Hair and Scalp Treatment

Here are some of the benefits of using the Paul Mitchell Tea Tree Hair and Scalp Treatment:

  • Can reduce scalp itching
  • Can exfoliate the scalp through fine particles contained in the formula
  • Helps reduce flaking due to dandruff and dermatitis
  • Soothes scalp irritation
  • Alleviates scalp and hair dryness
  • No unpleasant smell
  • Does not leave a greasy residue
  • Ideal for people with dyed and bleached hair
  • Can be applied easily on the scalp and hair
  • Does not contain any harsh chemicals

Cons of Using the Paul Mitchell Tea Tree Scalp Treatment

  • Contains microbeads that might be difficult to rinse out
  • Can cause hair loss if not used properly 
  • Expensive
  • Does exactly enhance the health of the hair
  • Has a strong tea tree oil scent

Can Paul Mitchell’s Tea Tree Scalp Treatment help with my seborrheic dermatitis?

Yes, definitely! Paul Mitchell’s Tea Tree Scalp Treatment can help reduce the occurence of dandruff and seborrheic dermatitis. It can also reduce itching, dryness, and flaking. The product contains soothing properties to help alleviate all the causes of seborrheic dermatitis.

Who can use Paul Mitchell’s Tea Tree Scalp Treatment?

This product can be used both by men and women, even by people who have had their hair colored and bleached.

How often should I use this product?

For optimal results, use this product twice a week. Make sure to use the product consistently if you want to notice an improvement. Though they might not be seen right away, the consequences will eventually manifest.

What are the key ingredients of Mitchell’s Tea Tree Scalp Treatment?

  • Tea tree oil
  • White ginger lily extract
  • Shea butter
  • Jojoba extract
  • Aloe vera extract
  • Chamomile
  • Rosemary
  • Soy Protein
  • Glycerin
  • Citronella
  • Limonene

How to use the Paul Mitchell’s Tea Tree Hair and Scalp treatment

Here’s how to properly apply and use the Paul Mitchell’s Tea Tree Hair and Scalp treatment:

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Step 1: Wet your hair under the shower.

Step 2: Put a pea-sized amount of the treatment or more depending on the length of your hair.

Step 3: Make a lather out of the treatment.

Step 4: Leave the treatment on for 2-3 minutes. Be sure not to leave them off for too long.

Step 5: Rinse the treatment off and continue with your shampoo and conditioner routine.

Final Verdict on the Paul Mitchell Tea Tree Scalp Treatment

A great solution for persons with scalp difficulties like dandruff, scalp scabs, itching, and excessive oiliness is the Paul Mitchell Tea Tree Scalp Treatment.

The majority of its constituents, including the first one, tea tree oil, are obtained from natural sources. 

It has now been established that this essential oil has anti-inflammatory and antibacterial effects.

This treatment was made especially for these types of greasy, irritated scalps, thus it might not be the greatest choice for dry scalps. Additionally, the treatment’s scouring effect can be too much for sensitive scalps.

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