Kristin Ess Shampoo Review

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I am continually looking for the shampoo that will win this long race by providing a nice wash, healthy hair, and protection from any negative consequences.

As a result, I came across various shampoos that claimed to be sulfate-free. One of them is the shampoo by Kristin ESS, which we will discuss in greater depth in this KRISTIN ESS Shampoo Review.

Every Kristin Ess product incorporates Zip-Up Technology. This is their own strengthening product, which smoothes the appearance of damaged cuticles while “zipping up” broken ends and reinforcing brittle portions of my hair. While also protecting my hair from environmental dangers and color fading. She is a true hairstylist who understands that we want to spend as little money as possible while still receiving excellent results.

Therefore, let’s begin these reviews!

KRISTIN ESS Shampoo Review

In this Shampoo Review, we’ll go over each of the several shampoo options that KRISTIN ESS offers, as well as their descriptions, benefits, and drawbacks.

To begin with, while the appearance of the packaging is significantly less crucial than the substance, the Kristin Ess collection is quite appealing to the eye. I enjoy leaving these bottles out. And seeing them makes me want to use them even more. It’s a small thing, but it elevates the experience from a Tuesday night shower to a luxury gift for oneself.

However, without a good formula, the appearance is meaningless. Fortunately, that does not appear to be an issue here. It is sulfate-free, lathers effectively, and can be used on a daily basis.

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I was pleasantly surprised overall. It has the performance of a much more expensive line. After applying it, my dry, unmanageable hair felt healthy and hydrated, with no nasty product buildup or extra weight. It appeared to be shinier, smoother and had fewer flyaways. It also smells fantastic.

1. Kristin Ess Deep Clean Clarifying Shampoo Review:

Product Description:

Perhaps all we want is a new experience. This clarifying shampoo removes accumulated minerals, product buildup, excess oils, and even silicones.

When a deeper clean is necessary, use this shampoo. These essential products clean the hair from root to tip, leaving it healthy, full, and shining. Mineral purification, buildup removal, cleansing, volumizing, and shine enhancement for all hair types.

Squeeze a penny- to quarter-sized amount of shampoo into your hand, depending on the thickness of your hair. Apply to damp hair and massage into a deep lather with your scalp. If required, add extra shampoo. Rinse well and repeat if necessary.

2. Kristin Ess Extra Gentle Shampoo Review:

Product Description:

Because this shampoo is for sensitive skin and scalp, I believe it is critical to provide an alternative for those who want a lighter formula and a more delicate aroma.

This sulfate-free shampoo cleanses your hair thoroughly and softly, leaving it bright, smooth, and spotless. This product is sulfate-free, nourishing, soothing, gently cleaning, and softening.

Squeeze a penny- to quarter-sized amount of shampoo into your hand, depending on the thickness of your hair. Apply to damp hair and massage into a deep lather with your scalp. Rinse thoroughly and repeat as needed.

Many people claim that they were never entirely satisfied after trying numerous shampoos in the past. They have, however, discovered a good hair product. Aside from these considerations, other users commented on how their hair felt after using the shampoo.

Furthermore, it is hazardous for hair that is susceptible to it because it harms the scalp. Before purchasing a new shampoo, carefully consider your alternatives because this one is not advised for delicate hair. It will give you a high-quality shampoo or a pleasurable experience.

3. Kristin Ess The One Purple Shampoo:

Product Description:

Kristin Ess is the only purple shampoo in our review of KRISTIN ESS shampoo. Assume you’ve always wanted to create a sulfate-free purple shampoo that’s perfect for toning blondes and dark hair.

You can use this every time you wash your hair if you like ash blonde or light lavender tones. If you like neutral tones, set it aside for cutting brass.

Apply a quarter or more of the shampoo to your hand, depending on the thickness of your hair. Apply to damp hair and rub it into the scalp to produce a rich lather.

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While using purple shampoo, use the various things with more brass. Allow it to sit where the hair is warmer and less porous for a few minutes.

Then, when shampooing, let it run into the ends. Rinse the hair well before applying a hydrating mask or conditioner.

It is also not suggested because it destroys the color of colored hair. However, the majority of consumers love this shampoo since it keeps their hair color vibrant and saves them money on salon visits.

This purple shampoo gives their hair a great cleanse. As a result, before using it every day, test a small portion of your hair because customer ratings can differ substantially.

4. Kristin Ess Moisture Rich Curl Shampoo:

Product Description:

Kristin Ess Moisture Rich Curl Shampoo came up worst in our review. Because most curls are naturally dry, be sure your shampoo doesn’t aggravate the problem.

This solution softly cleanses without stripping, has an excellent glide, and provides a beautifully thick lather that makes washing day a pleasure.

Keep it going and add additional hydration to your wash day style routine. Depending on your hair’s needs, use these style products alone or in layers.

After thoroughly soaking your hair, use the pointed tip to form partings and administer shampoo directly to your scalp. Massage it in to form a thick lather; if required, add a little water. Make sure to fully rinse it before using it.

5. Kristin Ess Bubble Mask

Given that it crackles and snaps as you apply it to your scalp, this product appears to be a novelty item. We decided to put it to the test because we were curious. After taking a hot shower, apply this product to your scalp. Then, wash it away. After just one wash, my scalp felt substantially less itchy. The aroma is fantastic, as is the rest of Kristin’s haircare line. It has pleasant perfume and attractive packaging.

Does Kristin Ess Hair Gloss Dye Your Hair?

No, using this product will not immediately color your hair. The Kristin Ess Hair Gloss tones and shines your hair, instantly increasing its vitality and extending the life of your dye job.

What exactly is toner? A toner is a material that helps to fix the color of your hair. because of the hair For example, the Platinum option enhances the whiteness of blondes with dark hair and conceals yellow or orange tones. The Copper Penny bottle, on the other hand, will give light to medium hair a warm golden sheen.

Is Kristin Ess a cruelty-free company?

Yes, Kristin Ess is a cruelty-free company that is dedicated to being so. This indicates that they never test their products on animals, and they only partner with suppliers who adhere to the same standards. They are pleased to mention that the goods are certified to be free of cruelty.

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The Ingredients are safe?

The customers’ safety is the top priority at Kristin Ess Hair. Every product’s ingredients are listed on its separate page.

Are the items free of gluten?

Yes, their products are free of gluten.

Do they provide vegan goods?

There are vegan products available. A product’s specific product page will indicate whether or not it is vegan.

Is Kristin Ess Worth It?

Source: Instagram (@kristin_ess)
So, how wonderful are Kristin Ess’s products? To be brief, the answer is that the brand is unquestionably worthwhile. Numerous reports and hundreds of us favorable customer testimonials on numerous platforms have attested to the efficiency of each product.
This Kristin Ess shampoo review has found more positive than bad things about the company, which is why I suggest its shampoos, conditioners, treatments, and stylers. Positive things about the brand include the products’ attractive scents and sound formulae, as well as their general cost.
Kristin Ess’s items are widely available because they are sold at stores like Target and Amazon, especially for clients from other countries who cannot access them directly from the brand’s website. For products with high-end features, the pricing is a steal.
The brand also provides a wide variety of goods. Along with useful hair products, it also offers hair accessories like the Kristin Ess Straightener.
According to the assessment of Kristin Ess Shampoo, professional products sold at drugstore costs are most likely to be worthwhile.


Overall, they are low-cost, high-quality products that deliver on their promises. They leave my hair feeling clean and silky, I have fewer flyaways and frizz, and I wouldn’t think they’re $10 each in a blind test. They compete with more expensive solutions I’ve tried and loved, and while I frequently test products too frequently to stick to my own routines, I’d gladly buy these again. However, if you have fine strands or oily hair, this may not be for you.

Overall, these products are amazing, and it’s simple to see why they’re so popular. They not only feel and look luxurious, but despite their great quality, they are also relatively reasonable. If you want to try professional hair care but can’t quite justify the exorbitant price, they are definitely worth a go.

All of the products in this KRISTIN ESS Shampoo Review received positive feedback. However, if you read the product description and review. You will learn about the numerous types of shampoo, their benefits, and cons.

The shampoo’s compatibility with your hair will then be obvious to you. I hope you find a fantastic and dependable hair product.

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