how to fix green hair

How to Prevent & Fix Green Hair

You might have noticed blonde hair tends to turn green after being in the pool. This is because pool water has copper, which is the reason for your new hair color. According to Washington State’s Department of Health, copper appears in water as it passes through plumbing materials.

A copper-based pool algaecide can also be the reason behind it.

So, how can we enjoy the pool without having to worry about our hair? Below are just some tips and tricks.

BEFORE GOING IN the water, make sure you have done the following:

  1. Detangle hair.

Detangling hair before going in the pool helps prevent tangling after. Doing this can also prevent the formation of knots and tangles, which is always a hassle. By detangling our hair before going in the pool, we are preventing overall hair breakage.

  1. Apply oil/leave in conditioner to hair.

Applying any hair oil to your hair will make your hair waterproof. The oil acts as a protective barrier against the chlorinated water, therefore preventing blondes from having green streaks. Some hair oils that are easily available are Coconut Oil and Olive Oil.

Coconut oil is highly recommended as studies have shown that it helps strengthen hair by increasing flexibility and reducing the breakage of hair strands. Celebrity stylist and salon owner Scott Fontana recommends olive oil topped with a swimmer’s cap. Oil will not rinse out when you go into the pool.

However, you would also need to protect your oiled hair from the heat of the sun. Not wearing a swim cap after applying hair oil can do more harm than good. Your hair will be cooked under the sun’s rays.

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If you think a swim cap will ruin your OOTD, you can opt to apply leave-in conditioner instead. The conditioner will keep your hair moist and protect it from the damage from the pool. This also makes our hair waterproof as the leave-in conditioner neutralizes the negative electrical charge of our hair while also making it slippery. The leave-in conditioner also minimizes frizz and breakage.

  1. Wear a protective hairstyle.

Another alternative to a swim cap is a protective hairstyle. Protective hairstyles like a three-strand braid put into a top bun can easily help decrease the chances of green hair. Wearing these hairstyles cannot guarantee the protection a swim cap may have because you have to avoid bedewing the hair.

  1. Wet hair with non-chlorinated water.

Our hair is basically a sponge. By wetting the hair before going into the pool, we are allowing our hair to absorb as much fresh water from the shower, leaving no space for pool water to get in it.

Wet hair with all these protection ensures the most defense against overall hair damage. Showers near pools are readily available for this purpose, make sure to make the most out of it.

WHILE IN THE WATER, avoid submerging hair if possible. The greatest protection from green hair and hair damage from the pool is by keeping hair away from it. All those preventative measures will slowly decrease its effectiveness if we submerge our hair in the water.

AFTER GOING IN, wash your hair, as soon as you can, especially if your hair has been under the water without any protection. By simply washing your hair from in between pool dips can help prevent green hair and hair damage. Washing the hair helps remove the chemical build-up in our hair. Don’t let pool hair (hair from pool without any rinse) sit while you air dry yourself.

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IF YOU ARE DONE for the day, shower as quickly as possible. Rinse out your hair and wash as normal. Washing it immediately helps clear up the build-up of all the chemicals from the pool. Make sure to shampoo your hair when you wash it. Using a shampoo can help get rid of the chemical build-up as well. Deep conditioning your hair after a whole day at the beach or at the pool can help fight dryness from all the chemicals while adding moisture and nourishing your hair. Lastly, comb your hair. Just like the pre-swim hair routine, combing the hair after it dries helps loosen tension and hair breakage.

ALREADY HAVE GREEN HAIR? Here’s a few indisputable fixes:

  • Lemon.


Lemon juice




  1. Rinse hair and remove excess water.
  2. Put the necessary amount of lemon juice in a bowl.
  3. Soak hair damaged in the bowl for 5 minutes.
  4. Rinse and repeat steps 2-3 if necessary.
  5. Wash and condition as normal.

How does it work?

Saturating your hair with lemon juice before washing and conditioning as normal will help remove the green tint from your hair.

  • Tomatoes.


Ketchup or any tomato paste



Hair Dye Comb or Gloves


  1. Rinse hair and remove excess water.
  2. Put the necessary amount of ketchup or tomato paste in the bowl for easy access.
  3. Apply ketchup or tomato paste to hair that is discolored or turned green.
  4. Leave for 10 minutes. Don’t forget to check its progress as it goes.
  5. Rinse and repeat steps 3-4 if necessary.
  6. Wash and condition as normal.
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How does it work?

The red color in the tomatoes neutralizes the green in your hair as green and red are on the opposite sides of the color wheel. The paste acts as a toner in that sense. The acid present in the vinegar in the tomato paste also removes copper oxides from hair.

  • Clarifying Shampoo, if all else fails. This type of shampoo gets rid of excess build-up in our hair and are not designed for daily use. Again, only use clarifying shampoos if all else fails.


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