10 Mesmerizing Curtain Bangs Styles for Round Chubby Faces

Most of us find bangs to be a daunting hairdo. Bangs, though, wouldn’t have to be frightful. Curtain bangs can even be really minimal and attractive! Check these Top 10 Mesmerizing Curtain Bangs Styles for Round Chubby Faces!

Curtain bangs look attractive on a variety of face types, including rounded faces. Curtain bangs are placed at the side, much as how curtains accent a window, rather than resting over your forehead. This style of fringe assists in narrowing the width of your face. You can arrange your bangs in this way if they’re starting to go long as well to prevent them from irritating your eyes.

Curtain Bangs

Curtain Bangs
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Anything that was already outdated will soon be updated. Just look at one-shoulder tops, scrunchies, super-shiny lip gloss, tie-dye, and the ’80s power shoulder, which is, incidentally, still making a significant comeback.

The comeback of curtain bangs, however, may be greater than that of any other trend. So what actually is it? 

Exactly like, you suspected, curtains, curtain bangs are hairdos that are divided in the middle and frame each side of your face. This kind of edge is longer than a conventional blunt fringe and is soft and sweeping, giving it a shaggier, more worn-in appearance. The 1960s and 1970s saw the styles’ first popularity, and now, because of social media, it’s experiencing a comeback.

Moreover, curtain bangs, this hairstyle is trending and many are trying it. This hairstyle is a shaggy, easy and versatile hairdo to have, it helps shape and emphasize the features and fringes of the face. It neatly frames the face and is very easy to have as a hairdo. 

This bang style is separated along the middle, framing your face on both sides. These textured bangs are a touch longer, allowing them to flow organically into your hair and give you that effortlessly stylish, French-girl look.

Curtain bangs are like a pair of beautifully hung curtains draping down to the face, they are a softer, more individualized version of straight-across bangs designed to complement one’s bone structure and accentuate specific face features such as the eyes or cheekbones. Known and worn by most Asians today to celebrities who started this trend back in the 70’s! 

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The Top 10 Curtain Bangs Styles

Curtain Bangs
Source: Instagram @rebelwilson

What is nice about this hairstyle is its very customizable and can try to suit any face shape. There are so many ways to wear and style curtain bangs, further read this article to find out how!

#1 70s Curtain Bangs for Round Face Shapes

Curtain Bangs
Source: Instagram @hairbycalliesmith

For people with round faces, 70s curtain bangs are very popular. Women having thick, wavy hair can pull off a modern look with a curtain bangs style. Spray on some hairspray after styling. Allow it to dry, then use your fingers to comb through for a bubbly touch.

For this style of fringe, hair with considerable volume on top of the head is excellent. The fringe won’t have the same impact if it’s too narrow.

#2 Shaggy Curtain Fringe for Short Hair

Curtain Bangs
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Any haircut looks great with a scruffy curtain fringe on short hair. This fringe soothes your entire appearance and gives your face a seductive, feminine frame. Whether you want bangs, ask your hairdresser if they think they would suit your face shape and personality. 

A shag with curtain bangs is a layered, wavy hairstyle that softens the look with a face-framing fringe. The shag might improve you if your hair is dull since it adds volume and a lot of movement.

#3 Cutie Pixie Bob with Curtain Bangs

Curtain Bangs
Source: Instagram @artistrybyrachelp

If you want a short haircut that won’t make your face look bigger, choose a charming pixie bob with center curtain bangs for women with full cheeks. To avoid adding extra apparent weight, short hairstyles for round features should have a lot of texture across the ends. To further narrow the face, ask your stylist for a tapering, a-line pixie bob.

It resembles a bob in shape and is basically a longer, or grown-out, pixie cut. Typically, pixie bobs have taller tops and bangs with a shorter back.

#4 Wispy Curtain Fringe

Curtain Bangs
Source: Instagram @jonmichaelsalon

Even for ladies over 40 with those round faces, a wispy curtain fringe is a lovely, modern, and appealing fringe style. For round faces, a center part with length on either side and wispy texture is the ideal style because it will help create a slimming look. Apply a hairspray to emphasize the texture and maintain them in place throughout the day, use this medium-hold hairspray.

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Curtain bangs can appear quite airy with the accurate approach to thinning out and style, and they pair incredibly well with piece-y layers. It will unquestionably be totally stunning!

#5 Layered Shag with Longer Curtain Bangs

Curtain Bangs
Source: Instagram @ernestomeneses

Maybe all you need to instantly boost your look is a layered shag with curtain bangs. If you love wearing your hair long but seem to be sick of the same old look, then definitely you must  try this hairstyle! To add more texture and volume to your hair after styling, apply little oil dry shampoo at the roots and work it in. 

Modern shag haircuts elevate hairstyles by giving your appearance a fashionable, edgy twist. A shag is great at any length; short shaggy hairstyles are quite sassy and seductive, and a medium shag haircut makes it simple to achieve trendy messy looks.

#6 Traditional Curtain Bangs for Straight Hair

Curtain Bangs
Source: Instagram @xelamack

Chubby faces and curtain bangs for straight hair go well together. Curtain bangs are frequently gentle, feminine, and attractive hairstyles. Ask your stylist whether they agree this haircut will actually look good on you if you adore your long hair but wish to update your look. 

Additionally, the classic curtain bangs for a round, chubby face are a godsend! These curtain bangs will help a woman with a round face soothe and emphasize her facial characteristics. If you want a fresh look that won’t draw attention to any sharp angles or lines, consider curtain bangs for round face types.

#7 Feathered Curtain Fringe

Curtain Bangs
Source: Instagram @christopherluis_vivid

Feathered Curtain Bangs is a good combo that’s ideal for fine and thin hair. It looks great with a messy or tousled style and that allows the hair to achieve a greater density and volume. A layered haircut with this frame, makes the face look softer with the waves.

For round-faced women, a feathery curtain border is attractive! Round faces and curtain fringe are perfectly compatible. Round face shapes are complemented by the weight line of the fringe, which slims down the appearance of the face.

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#8 Low-Maintenance Shag with Bardot Bangs

Curtain Bangs
Source: Instagram @xelamack

A low maintenance shag with Bardot Bangs is perfect for any face shape. A shaggy hairstyle is such an easy haircut to style with loose waves. Uneven layers in shag haircuts can make it funky and unique. With the low maintenance, it compliments the face shape even more.

Low-maintenance shags with bardot bangs are perfect on women with natural waves or curls as the shaggy layers help enhance them. Low-maintenance is the perfect choice of haircut that’s easy and quick to style while needing low upkeep. A shaggy cut creates an undone, messy finish while maintaining a good shape. Among women’s hairstyles, this cut offers the most volume.

#9 Mid-Length Shag

Curtain Bangs
Source: Instagram @carlie_creammelbourne

Shag haircuts look great on thick and thin hair, as well as naturally curly and straight hair. It will enhance volume when needed or, on the contrary, reduce volume, providing you with a good texture and ease of style. 

If you have curly or fine hair and a round face, a mid-length shag with parting bangs can be the ideal choice for you. This haircut is ideal for round faces because it tends to slim them down. And to those of you who enjoy messy hair, this look is ideal!

#10 Curtain Fringe on a Long Bob

Curtain Bangs
Source: Instagram @giboazhair

This stylish long bob with curtain bangs is a neck or shoulder-grazing style with a center portion divided. It’s an excellent choice for women who don’t want long hair but want some length. Front pieces provide a face-framing edge that draws attention to the eyes and cheekbones. It creates a modern, messy, lively look. 

Add lengthy layers to your fine hair to give a tousled and textured finish. Complete the look by having the fringes blow dried right after and use your fingers to part your hair for a soft and natural finish. 

In a nutshell, curtain bangs are thin layers that may be seen across both sides of the face, similar to how curtains accent a window. This style of fringe works particularly nicely on women with round faces. It attracts attention to the cheeks and creates the illusion of well-defined cheekbones, which most people find appealing!

Face-lengthening, face-framing layers are a feature of curtain bangs for round face types. You would look incredible in it, no doubt. 

Which hairstyle do you imagine having, then?

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