Best Automatic Hair Curler for Short Hair

How to use automatic hair Curler on short hair

We know hair is a girl’s crowning glory and we always want our crowns to look their best. There are endless things we do with our hair, color it, straighten it, perm it, or cut it. However, not every day is a good hair day.

Sometimes, we need to style it, and yes, styling your hair can be a chore especially for my short hair girls out there. Bad hair days feel like your hair intentionally acts rebellious and it just would not go where you want it to.

But there is a solution for that situation, simply curl it using an automatic hair culer for short hair, and voila! Problem solved!

Curling your hair is best for bringing out a fun personality. It would add volume and texture to your chin-length haircut. There are a lot of styles to choose from too! You could curl it in a messy wave, a loose curl, or even have a mermaid curl moment.

However, we know it could take hours since you have to section it, wrap it perfectly in the iron, and make sure it holds throughout the day, hence, it could get really tiresome for a routine. Now, thanks to modern technology for hearing our wishes and giving us automatic hair curlers!

How Do Automatic Hair Curlers Work?

What makes automatic hair curlers different from manual curling irons is its feature to automatically draw the section of your hair to its chamber, around the iron to complete the curling process, then releasing it once the timer beeps.

Automatic curlers also offer more heat temperature and timer settings to make sure your hair will not get damaged. These various settings also help in achieving the perfect curves you prefer, whether it is wavy, medium, or really tight ones.

Are Automatic Curlers Worth It?

Getting an automatic curler would be a great investment for you if you love curling your hair but do not want to get a perm. Afterall, keeping your hair natural gives you the best of both worlds in styling.

 However, we know frequent styling could cause damage due to heat. With automatic curlers, you would use a lesser amount of time to curl your hair preventing excessive heat damage. Also, it would give you foolproof bouncy curls instead of uneven ones. The best advantage these curlers offer is the time and effort you save every use, instead of having to sit in front of the table for an hour, getting accidental burns, and feeling your arms get numb, you could get your hair done in minutes!

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Now that you have known everything you need about automatic curlers, you might be thinking how much should you budget and what are the best ones for your short hair? We have searched through the market to give you the Best Automatic Hair Curlers for Short Hair!

Types of Automatic Hair Curler for Short Hair

10 Best Automatic Hair Curlers for Short HairBest Price:
CONAIR CURL SECRET InfinitiPro$48.99
KISS InstaWave Automatic Ceramic Curling Iron$40.99
CONAIR Unbound Cordless Auto Curler$71.99
BABYLISSPRO Nano Titanium Professional Curl Machine$99.99
WANDOR Wireless Automatic Hair Curler$39.98
LENA Auto Hair Curling Wand 2020 Upgrade$65.59
KISS InstaWave 101 Automatic Curler$29.99
SEXYBEAUTY Professional Portable Ceramic Curling Wand$16.99
SALON TECH Spinstyle Pro Automatic Curling Iron$89.99
HAUEA Auto Hair Curler Iron Wand$44.99


best automatic curler

Since 1959, Conair has been known to create innovative and high-quality hair styling tools including hair dryers, accessories, curlers, and brushes. If you are looking for a trusted brand that has mastered auto-curl and tangle-free technology, this may be what you are searching for!

InfinitiPro by Conair has a professional brushless motor to ensure your curls will not get tangled. It also offers three timer settings and two heat levels to give you loose, medium, or tight curls. This curler is also designed with a high-performance heater up to 400°F and a 30-second fast heat-up, evenly distributed heat, and instant heat recovery. If you want loose curls or waves, set it at the lowest temperature and shortest time setting and it will come out the way you love it!

KISS InstaWave Automatic Ceramic Curling Iron

best automatic curler 2021

If you want something without the curl chamber, and you feel comfortable seeing your hair in the process, we would highly recommend KISS Ceramic Instawave to add in your vanity drawer! 

Kiss Ceramic Instawave has patented curl dial with ridges which serves as combs to smoothen and detangle hair as it curls. It is also engineered with ceramic ionic technology to lessen the frizz and keep your hair healthy and shiny. It can heat up to 420°F and automatically shuts off after 90 minutes of use.

In using this curler, you just have to place it vertically in an angle close to the root, press the button for which curl direction you want, hold the button until it beeps, and gently guide the InstaWave down to release.

CONAIR Unbound Cordless Auto Curler

top automatic curler

Perhaps you are searching for something cordless and rechargeable. A curler that is portable but still made of high quality, then this might be perfect for you!

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Conair’s Unbound Auto Curler gives you a 60-minute cord-free runtime to perfect your curls. Designed with multi-directional curl action, anti-tangle protection, and ceramic-coated barrel, this is ideal if you need to bring one on your trip or you need touch-ups outdoors. It also has an auto-off function upon 15 minutes of idle time.

You can select from three heat temperatures and four timers on settings before starting with a half inch section of your hair into the curl chamber, then press the start button to begin the curling process. You can release the start button once you hear two rapid beeps, and your hair is done!

BABYLISSPRO Nano Titanium Professional Curl Machine

top automatic curler 2021

BaBylissPRO has been producing professional styling tools that are versatile and designed to last for more than 50 years now and has always put their game on top! Now, if you want something proven and tested, this curl machine may be the best one for you!

Nano Titanium MiraCurl Professional has an instant heat-up and recovery feature for consistent and efficient styling. Designed with three heat settings up to 450°F, three-direction curl control, and four-timer settings, you could customize the heat you need to get the exact type of curl you want. It also features a MaxLife PRO brushless motor for precision control, and a Smart Tech safeguard including auto shut-off, sleep mode, and motion sensor.

WANDOR Wireless Automatic Hair Curler

best selling automatic curler

If you want a cordless automated hair curler with a unique design and reverse rotation to prevent tangled hair, check out this curler!

Wandor’s Wireless Hair Curler has six heat settings from 300°F to 390°F, and eleven timer settings from eight to eighteen seconds. The hair chamber is designed with non-toxic heat insulation materials to avoid accidental scalding during use. It also has an auto-off function within ten minute idle time. This is best to carry for out of town trips since it can also serve as a power bank for your phone, with its 5000mAh lithium-ion battery. 

LENA Auto Hair Curling Wand 2020 Upgrade

best selling automatic curler 2021

If you want something simple, straightforward, and even has a minimalist design that perfectly fits to your aesthetic, Lena might be the one you are searching for!

Lena has been working with stylists to produce patented technologies for high-end hair styling tools fit for both professional and personal use ever since their establishment in 2003. Lena’s Auto Hair Curling Wand is an improved GenieCurl design of 2020. It has a two-way swirling direction, natural flowing open design, and a 360° swivel cord. It is also produced with a tourmaline ceramic heating barrel to prevent damage, anti-stuck sensor, and double-layered heat protection.  You can choose from four different heat temperatures suited for your hair type. 

They even offer a one-year all-included quality service to make sure you get the best of your purchase! Get this sleek minimalist curler in black or pink.

KISS InstaWave 101 Automatic Curler

automatic curler

Offering you an affordable automatic curling iron which can style your hair into loose beach waves or tight curls within minutes, KISS InstaWave 101 might be the ideal one for you!

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Their patented curl dial gives you inward and outward curls, with the anti-frizz technology helping you get the salon-finished shine and texture. It is fast-heating and can heat up to 400°F with a cool safety tip. It is very easy to use and would only take you eight to ten seconds to curl a section!

SEXYBEAUTY Professional Portable Ceramic Curling Wand

automatic curler 2021

Do you want something that is wallet-friendly but still helps you fix your curls? Worry not, we definitely got you covered!

SexyBeauty’s Curling Wand offers an innovative solution to give your hair smooth, bouncy, and shiny curls without damage. It is created with a smart handle from high quality materials to ensure safe grip every use, a 360° swivel cord allowing movement, a secure hold clip and spiral guides to avoid messy and unprofessional outcomes. With a constant temperature of 390°F, fast heating of 15 seconds, and a plastic spiral coat covering the ceramic barrel, you could easily style your hair without worries of getting scalded. 

SALON TECH Spinstyle Pro Automatic Curling Iron

what is the best automatic curler

Salon Tech produces innovative tools which are tailored exactly to your hair styling needs. They believe in mastering the basics with a hint of something new for every tool released, hence, they have upgraded your basic curling iron to a pro automatic one!

Their Spinstyle Pro Automatic Curling Iron has incorporated nanodiamond particles to increase durability and conductivity of the barrel, ensuring it is long lasting and gives consistent performance. It also integrated negative ion technology as well as gentle far infrared heat to reduce damage and frizziness. With its adjustable temperature control dial and fast-heating feature, this would be perfect for your styling routine.

HAUEA Auto Hair Curler Iron Wand

what is the best automatic curler 2021

If you prefer a model that is created with basic and easy design but with necessary features to care for your hair, check out Hauea’s auto hair curler!

Hauea’s Auto Hair Curler Iron Wand has its rotating barrel covered with keratin coating to reduce friction of the hair, it also emits negative ions for elimination of static electricity and frizziness. Hauea has updated their previous design and made their curling slot larger to accommodate a larger section at once. They also engineered it with a smart sensor chip to stop rotating once your hair is stuck, and a reverse button to release it. It also offers four temperature settings and a built-in buzzer to prevent extreme damage. You can now style your hair in just twenty minutes!

Which is the Best Automatic Hair Curler for Short Hair?

Not all hair curlers are tailored for short hair styles since some are not designed to hold short length which makes it impossible to curl. So in choosing the best one for you, consider the budget you have, the features it offers, you can also check the reviews for proof of their quality. If you are still unsure of which one to get, let this article help you on getting the best automatic hair curler for you!

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